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My aim is to use fashion as the regeneration process — a relentless evolution in space and time — of every single woman, each one being a unique parcel forming the community. I believe that this concept has more than ever its relevance regarding Society recovery and bounce back being dependant on the cohesion of individuals resilience in their own lifestyle habits. I want my approach to be transcended in such a delicate way that the message would travel from one to another through individuals, which in the end can be called a crowd.

I believe that beauty has the power to instantly stop feelings of disagreement and dissociation from one to another. This is happening in the instant, in the timeless. You feel transcended by beauty and if, you in turn transcend this beauty through yourself,  the people surrounding you will be moved by a ripple effect. I call this knock-on effect regeneration. My designs may start a chain and one may choose to continue that chain or not. I believe that this unification message is the strongest possible path to long-lasting peace.

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